Thursday, January 13, 2011

Apple's US 7,868,582 on a solar power package

The first claim of Apple's US 7,868,582 states:

A solar power package for use with an electronic device, the package comprising:
at least one solar cell operable to derive solar power from solar energy; and a power charger operable to provide the derived solar power to the portable electronic device,
wherein the derived solar power is provided in a plug-and-play fashion when the portable electronic device is coupled to the package, and wherein the power charge is operative to adjust the amount of power provided to the portable electronic device based on attributes of the portable electronic device.

There was a nonfinal rejection in the case mailed 8 Feb 2010. This rejection was one for obviousness over Naguib [ US 2006/0273757 ] in view of Peress [US 7,442,077]. Naguib was silent about plug and play connectors. Peress was added to establish the common knowledge as to plug and play connectors. There was also a double-patenting rejection over US 7,514,900.

The applicant distinguished the references on the basis that neither Naguib nor Peress allow the amount of power to be adjusted based on the attributes of the device to which power is provided.

There is a continuing case: 12/962,135 filed on 12-07-2010 which is Pending claims the benefit of 12/391,668.

**UPDATE. Cross-reference

Apple continues to investigate solar power for mobile devices

Note that US 7,868,582 is an issued patent and that 12/962,135 is a pending application.


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