Monday, December 06, 2010

US 7,832,157 to Andalay/Westinghouse in solar area

US 7,832,157 lists Andalay Solar, Inc. of Los Gatos as assignee and has first claim

A solar panel comprising:
a plurality of solar modules, each of the solar modules having frames that includes a plurality of connector sockets placed such that improper wiring based on cable length is prevented and placed such that at least one connector socket of one solar module is aligned with the connector socket of another solar module when coupled together; and
a plurality of splices that insert into the frames of the solar modules for coupling the plurality of solar modules together; wherein the plurality of splices provides rigidity, wherein each of the plurality of splices provides a grounding path and a stop for the modules, each of the plurality of splices comprising: a body for coupling two solar modules together; a coupling mechanism on the body for causing a press-fit coupling of two solar modules; and a secure mechanism for securing the body to at least one of the two solar modules.

The prosecuting law firm was DLA Piper LLP .

On the Andalay Solar website: We are excited to announce that Andalay Solar and Westinghouse Electrical Corporation have partnered together. This summer, we will transform our company from Andalay Solar to Westinghouse Solar.


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