Monday, December 13, 2010

"Strategic decision" as omnibus euphemism for screw-up

From the infamy or praise blog:

“Strategic decision” is the language that full-of-themselves lawyers hide behind when they realize that they’ve – to put it simply – royally screwed up, but don’t want to take the hit to their reputation. It’s also the language that courts use to coddle these lawyers. Anyone who’s ever honestly practiced criminal law and who puts the client’s interests before their own will see this for what it is: bullshit.

Elsewhere in the post is a commentary about lists:

when it comes to your reputation, fortune, and freedom, why would you rely primarily on one of the many lists of lawyers who are somehow "Best", "Super", or "Ones to Watch"?

IPBiz notes that one might ask the colleagues of William Hamman why they relied on the opinions of others as to his qualifications, which were in fact non-existent in the cardiology business?


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