Monday, December 13, 2010

Flashing back to 2009

Back in March 2009, "Law & Order" did a show that intertwined the Bernie Madoff and Larry Mendte sagas.
"Law & Order" plotline follows Larry Mendte story and Madoff scam
] In December 2010, Mark Madoff is sadly in the news, and Larry Mendte, from a perch in New York City, is pushing for "talk radio" in Philadelphia.

Mendte writes:

Now 24-hour cable news networks have become the place to go for political opinion and debate. Local news stations are following that successful template with more commentaries and opinions. In Philadelphia, Fox 29 has taken the lead with nightly debates about local issues from the set. I am a news commentator for WPIX in New York, and my nightly commentaries are sent to a couple dozen TV stations across the country.

But something is missing in the TV version; there is a lot of opinion and very little conversation. We hear the canned and sometimes forced opinions from the preselected pundits, who clash in manufactured debate, with an anchor — who often just learned about the issue that night — mediating. It is all too often overproduced and manipulative. What is missing is the raw emotion and real concern of Bob from Kensington or Beth from Cherry Hill. Their voices, the ones we need to hear, are drowned out by those who manufacture opinions for power and profit.

Of canned opinions, etc., note places like TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads . Maybe there's a reason that "CBS Sunday Morning" is so popular.

In passing, penalties for hacking came up as a plot element in CSI: Miami on 12 Dec. 2010.


Blogger TomP said...

Larry Mendte would be great at talk radio in Philadelphia!!! He has forgotten more about the area than most on the air know. Mendte has covered every major story of the past decade.

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