Thursday, December 30, 2010

Emily M. Horvath and atorvastatin

RetractionWatch noted of a retraction of a third Horvath paper:

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, an Elsevier title, has retracted another paper on which Horvath was an author, bringing to three the number of her articles tainted in the scandal. The paper, “A novel membrane-based anti-diabetic action of atorvastatin,” was published online in June 2008, and cited four times since

Previously, another journal (Endocrinology) had written:

Jeffrey Blaustein, editor in chief of Endocrinology, responded to The Scientist's question about how peer reviewer's at that journal could have missed Horvath's data manipulations and OKed the publication of the paper. In an email sent today, Blaustein wrote: "Without being specific about the particular situation about which you have written, the short answer to your general question of how reviewers/editors miss data manipulation is that while, reviewers/editors often catch plagiarism, instances of fabrication/data manipulation are unfortunately much more difficult to detect.

Link: PhD student admits misconduct - The Scientist - Magazine of the Life Sciences


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