Thursday, December 16, 2010

David Perry on OnLive's US 7,849,491

Perry told Venture Beat: "We share OnLive's vision that streamed gaming is a key element of the future of the video game industry. We do not expect the general concept of remote gaming to be patentable, as many of us played remote games in the '70s, '80s and '90s."

On OnLive's US Patent US 7,849,491:

OnLive's US 7,849,491: a video game industry changer?

The question may not be about prior art in the '70s but rather about "high twitch" and the numeric limitations in claim 1 of the '491 patent.

Separately, from Mark Lemley on Facebook, and the like:

Mark Lemley of Stanford Law School and Durie Tangri concurred with Olin. As we move to a couple of platforms that you really have to be on in order to succeed on the Internet, the difficulty becomes you can suddenly just not be there anymore.


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