Monday, November 01, 2010

Supreme Court takes Stanford/Roche case

Bloomberg reported: The justices today [1 Nov 10] said they will hear Stanford’s bid to revive its lawsuit against a Roche unit over patents covering ways to test how well AIDS treatments are working.


The case may pit universities and the federal government against companies. The Obama administration, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Association of American Universities are backing Stanford.

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Stanford/Roche case NOT a win for academic inventors


Blogger New said...

It's always interesting to me when patent litigation directly involves constitutional issues, and this case seems particularly intriguing. However, I can see an argument that an innovation by a university-employed inventor constitutes a "work-for-hire" -- comparable to such situations in copyright law -- and that therefore the university holds the rights of first possession. I hope this blog writes progress reports on this case, because I'd like to know the result.

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