Saturday, November 13, 2010

Auctioning old brand names

Looking for a slice of history? 150 to 170 names will be available at an auction at the Waldorf on 8 December 2010.

One of the names is "Bowery Savings Bank," which was pitched by Joe DiMaggio for about 20 years, till around 1992.
Then it was Bowery to Home to Greenpoint to North Fork to Capitol One, with the pitchman going from American icon to barbarian group. What's in your wallet? [During the same time period, DiMaggio also pitched Mr. Coffee, the first drip coffee maker for home use, which was introduced in 1972.]

Another of the names up for auction is Lucky Whip.
Lucky Whip ad
[As to a "mad men" connection, A Cup of Coffee with....a Real Mad Man ]

Within US Patent 4889730 :

The final dried snack product comprises from about 10% to about 40% of the collapsed foam. The collapsed foam in turn comprises from about 10% to about 30% of the dried foaming agent, from about 10% to about 30% of the dried thickening agent, and from about 40% to about 80% dried sugar. These components coat the exterior of and occupy part of the spaces between the pieces of dried fruit or vegetable.

Alternatively, the foam component may comprise from about 40% to about 100% of a fat-containing dairy-based or dairy-like whipped topping composition such as whipped cream or one of several commercially available whipped cream substitutes. Examples include Reddi-Whip® topping marketed by Beatrice Cheese, Inc. Waukesha, Wis.; La Creme® topping available from Pet, Inc., St. Louis, Mo.; Cool Whip® topping available from General Foods Corp., White Plains, N.Y.; Lucky Whip®topping available from Aroset Foods, Div. Anderson, Clayton and Co., Oakland, Calif.; or Dream Whip® topping (prepared from dry mix) available from General Foods Corp., White Plains, N.Y.

What's in your dried snack product?

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