Sunday, October 31, 2010

CBS Sunday Morning on October 31, 2010

Charles Osgood introduced the All Hallows Eve show, with the cover story on nightmares: "Your worst nightmare." The second story was by Martha Teichner on Houdinin who died on Halloween. The third story was by Katie Couric with Clint Eastwood on afterlife. The fourth story was "to the point', on the greqt throwdini. There was mention of Clown-phobia.

Headlines: the investigation on the plot to bomb American synagogues. PETN explosive. Yemen to Doha. Wyatt Andrews did the Sanity Rally (Stewart and Colbert). A bedbug poster was in view. If we amplify everything, we hear nothing. An appeal for less heat and more light. Hurricane Tomas now category 2. Volcano in Indonesia. Texas Rangers win 4-2. A new Miss World.
Weather: good trick or treating weather.

Susan Spencer of 48 Hours presented "Your Worst Nightmare," beginning with New York's Haunted House, but then switching to stories of real-life nightmares. Not just bad dreams but horrifying dreams. Antonio Zandra of the University of Montreal has studied about 10,000 dreams over about 20 years. In 1781 Andre Masillie did a painting. Most common nightmares reflect our deepest fears. People who are anxious are more likely to have frequent nightmares. Ross Levin was inspired by The Exorcist. By thinking of an alternative ending during the day, the nightmare can be re-scripted. Maxine Gann tries to find the meaning of nightmares. Teeth falling out reflects a transition in life. The promise of a cure fell flat with the nightmare sufferers who were interviewed by Spencer.

The next story was by Steve Hartman on carving pumpkins, a reprise from a piece on "CBS Nightly News" (Couric). Reinventing the art of pumpkin carving using sculpting tools. The former grade school teacher Ray now sculpts full time. No matter what you do you have to be great. [Previous piece: Meet the Edward Scissorhands of Pumpkin Carving on Ray Villafane on 25 Oct 2010 }

Writing obituaries by Jeff Greenfield, with Elton John in the background, then Grant's tomb. Mary Emma Allison. Obits only have one line about death, the rest is about the life. In the old days, obituaries just for being upstanding members of society. In the early 1980s, Jim Nicholson in Philadelphia. Rowhouse people. Every person has one good story in them. Kay Powell: humor and an offbeat lead. Geoge Hopkins died again on Friday. Didn't use going going gone for an auctioneer. Jade Walker, the blog of death, searching YouTube. Art Buchwald, the last word, spoke about death six months before he died. The NYT on 9/11: how to deal with a few thousand dead. Portraits of grief ran everyday for 2.5 months, with focus on one trait of each person. Chronicle death on a daily basis: make the most of what we have. What would mine say; how would you capture your life in 205 words.

The next piece was on Houdini, beginning with a clip from the movie on Houdini with Tony Curtis. Houdini died on Halloween, 1926, Brook Kamen Rapoport curator of Houdini Museum. In 1907, Houdini had himself filmed jumping off a bridge in Rochester, NY. Houdini's biggest feat was the invention of Harry Houdini. He was born March 24, 1874 in Budapest. Kenneth Silverman, biographer, discussed aspects of his life. At age 14 did performance as circus acrobat. Harry Houdini a name taken from a French magician. The metamorphis trunk appealed to immigrants. People wanted to become Americans; a story of liberation from your past. In 1910, a flight in Australia. In 1920s, silent films. Practiced staying under water. The Chinese water torture cell. David Blaine. Houdini spent the final years of his life exposing spirit mediums. Death bead pact with his wife. Houdini died from a ruptured appendix. For a decade after his death, he would communicate with his wife with a secret code. Will wonders never cease?

Mo Rocca does "fears of a clown." The evil clown (including a clip from Killer Klowns from Outer Space. [Royal Dano played Farmer Gene Green]). Something awful. Clown is a cadaverous figure. Smiling or bearing his teeth. John Wayne Gacey, Pogo the Clown. Insane Clown Posse. Violent J. Shaggy 2 Dope. Barry Lubin. "Fear of clowns" not discussed in clown college. Coulrophobia

Rita Braver does Tombstones to die for. beginning in Sleepy Hollow New York. 1949 Disney film. Barnabas Holland, vampire.
Doug Keister does books on tombstones. Andrew Carnegie, Celtic cross. Darling Leo, a cocker spaniel. Helmsley mausoleum, with Maltese "Trouble." Helmsley brought a lawsuit against Woodlawn Cemetery. Oliver Belmont, da Vinci tomb replica. Miles Davis, F. W. Woolworth. Clark Dunlop, patent medicine maker, with a parrot skeleton. Reference to Night of the Living Dead.

A very scary Sunday Morning introduced the Couric piece on Eastwood, with various clips from Eastwood movies. When Clint Eastwood wants you dead, you're dead. Nobody is in a rush to find out. Clips from "Hereafter." Damon: I'm optimistic that there is a point to this. Everyone is curious about the hereafter. The pivotal question of existence. Raymond Moody on near death experiences. He coined the term near-death experience. New age mumbo jumbo. Steven Protherow at Boston University. Moody's concept as a self-fulfilling prophecy? Psychosomatic? Shared death experiences. Connie Philips; Betty Jo Philips. Digital immortality. Avatars. Intellitar. Start today. Give a photo and life story, and your avatar can talk to future generations. The piece ends with a Couric Avatar, and a view of Mel Blanc's tombstone: that's all folks.

Next on headstones. Rodney Dangerfield: There goes the neighborhood. Frank Sinatra: The best is yet to come. Dean Martin: Everybody loves somebody some time. Edgar Allan Poe: Nevermore. Lugosi: beloved father. Jackie Gleason: And away we go. Sonny Bono: The beat goes on. Jack Lemon: "in." Merv Griffin: I will not be back after this message. Mel Blanc: that's all folks.

Pulse. Do you believe in ghosts? 42% said yes.

Preview for Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer turned out to be a rather extended piece: Nixon-I am not a crook. O'Donnell-I am not a witch. 3 billion dollars spent on campaign commercials this year. If you don't see the ad, why bother to put it on. Demon sheep. In tough times, there is no place for subtlety. Don't expect a rubber stamp ad. Push the boundaries. Unsettled times give "characters" running for office. Outside the mainstream. Uncertain economy gives uncertain political landscape. Allusion to Know-nothing ("pre Civil War"). Ed Gillespie is taking nothing for granted. 82% of people disapprove of the job Congress is doing. The scariest question of all.
Time is not clearly on America's side, the way it used to be.

Bill Geist on getting to the point. Dave throwing knives at people. Dave is a minister in Long Island. Wheel of death. The Great Thowdini (Adamovich). The veiled wheel of death. Incidents involving scrapes. Why would anyone want to be a target group. "That was pretty cool when I was doing that." That's how the species got this far. No flinching in the impalement arts.

Moment of nature. Nobles Trail in Nevada with tarantulas.

Note: Tarantulas plentiful at area parks as autumn mating season reaches full swing

A virtual tour of the Nobles trail


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