Saturday, September 25, 2010

Thrashing out buggy whips at CIRM?

A note to californiastemcellrepot on 25 Sept. 2010:

Although John M. Simpson of Consumer Watchdog bemoans what he isn't allowed to see, perhaps Simpson should pay more attention to the handwriting already on the wall that is staring him in the face. Simpson et al. challenged the WARF/Thomson patents on ESCs, but here is what Thomson later said:

“If you can't tell the difference between iPS cells and embryonic stem cells, the embryonic stem cells will turn out to be a historical anomaly.” AND

“Only time will tell, but I know where I'm going."

Thus, "who cares" how CIRM thrashes out the last days of a buggy whip industry? The research has been passed by, and the real losers were California taxpayers forced into being venture capitalists betting on the wrong horse.


A look back at iPS: "they could have caught up in a flash"

The patent world of iPS (stem cells): Yamanaka, Bayer, and iZumi


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