Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The "top 15" U.S. cities for bedbugs

On 24 August 2010, Terminix released a list of the "top 15" cities for bedbugs. AP noted:

The Big Apple topped the list, followed by Philly and Detroit. Ohio has four cities in the top 15 -- Cincinnati is fourth, Columbus is seventh, Dayton is eighth and Cleveland is 14th.

You know bed bugs are big when Dave Letterman led off his routine on August 24 with a string of bed bug jokes, starting with applause or swatting bed bugs.

Ohio governor Strickland had tried to get some help. EPA head Lisa Jackson hasn't figured out the immensity of this problem.

CBS3 in Philadelphia covered the story of the bed bug city list on August 24, including a piece on bedbugcentral in Lawrenceville, NJ. New Jersey is located right between #1 and #2 on the Terminix list, and is a logical place for a bed bug program.

KYW3 even illustrated bed bug receptors to use on the legs of chairs, something not shown on some of the other stories. [CBS national news did a piece on Saturday, August 21.]

Yes, bedbuguniversity is right here in Lawrenceville, New Jersey:

Bed Bug University is ideal for the company that is just beginning to develop a bed bug program. The University is held in Lawrenceville, NJ and is an intensive 4 day course which includes extensive bed bug biology and behavior, explores the unique legal challenges of bed bugs, reviews all of the BedBug Central protocols and philosophies in detail along with the challenges bed bugs pose.

As to the confusion of the EPA:

EPA screws up on Propoxur

Jackson of the EPA, not Sherrod, should be given the boot. As to inventions, keep in mind that government regulatory agencies can stop useful inventions dead in their tracks.

Also on the Terminix bed bug list: Chicago, fifth; Denver, sixth; Washington, ninth; Los Angeles, 10th; Boston, 11th; Indianapolis, 12th; Louisville, 13th; and Minneapolis, 15th.

***However, there is a top-10 list from Orkin, with a different order:

1. Cincinnati, Ohio

#2. Columbus, Ohio

#3. Chicago, Illinois

#4. Denver, Colorado

#5. Detroit, Michigan

#6. Washington, D.C.

#7. New York, New York

#8. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

#9. Dayton, Ohio

#10. Baltimore, Maryland

Either way you slice it, Ohio is not doing well as to bed bugs, and Jackson ought to listen Governor Strickland.

Text in the New York Daily News got to the core of the problem:

"There are people out there whose apartments are infested," Jeff Eisenberg added.

"They are walking around with bedbugs all day long. They go shopping. They go out eating. They go on the subway. And if you sit next to them you are screwed."


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Bed bugs are really a big problem. Our cities are besieged by such creatures as the government often ignores them. Or do too little to help us to fight them...

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