Monday, August 16, 2010

Couric's "Evening News" recycles on 16 Aug 2010

On January 25, 2010, CBS Evening News had a piece on a blind man in India:

In "Everybody Has a Story," every two weeks someone threw a dart at a map of America. CBS News correspondent Steve Hartman then went wherever it stuck, flipped through the local phone book, and picked a name at random. He then did a story on someone at that house. (...)

Rewari is, by India standards, a sleepy, little town of just one million people. It's far enough off the beaten path that many who live here have never seen an American before.

There's one gentleman here, who will never see one. Every morning 78-year-old Khushi Ram Goyal feels his way to work. Before he went blind in his mid 20's - most likely from a parasite - Khushi Ram was a grade school teacher. Now he mills wheat into flour by grinding out a living of $4 a day.

Kushi's story re-appeared on August 16, 2010 on CBS Evening News.

At least Katie said it was an "encore" presentation.

Do "encore" presentations have a place in what is supposed to be a show about news? Recall also the Katie Couric "first library card" plagiarism incident.


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