Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Certified Bed Bug Detection Dogs?

On 24 August 2010, CBS Radio (880) did a piece on Trace, a certified Bed Bug Detection Dog, of Top Dog Scent Detection services. For a website,

A certified Bed Bug Detection Dog, Trace is a 1-year old lab/pointer mix (as best we can tell, as all our dogs are rescues). Trained by Master Trainer Bill Whitstine of the Florida Canine Academy in Safety Harbor, FL., Trace graduated the program after completing more than 800 hours of bed bug scent detection. For more information on the Florida Canine Academy and Bill Whitstine’s accomplishments training scent detection dogs, please go to http://www.bedbugdog.com/.

If one isn't into dogs for bed bug detection, contemplate U.S. Patent 7591099 , which states

Bed bugs are small insects that feed solely on the blood of animals. The common bed bug, Cimex Lectularus, is the species of bed bug that has most adapted to living with humans. Bed bugs have lived with humans since ancient times, although many people living in the United States have never seen a bed bug. However, the increase of international travel in recent decades has contributed to the resurgence of bed bugs in the United States. There are many aspects of bed bugs that make it difficult to eradicate them once they have established a presence in a location. (...)

The tiny, mobile and secretive behavior of bed bugs makes it nearly impossible to prevent an infestation. However, the earliest possible detection can make it possible to eradicate the insects most easily. Devices and methods for the early detection of bed bugs are needed especially by those in the hospitality industries

An insect monitoring and trapping device is provided according to the invention. The device includes a corrugated layer for a first glueboard. The corrugated layer forms alternating ridges and grooves. The first glueboard is attached to the ridges of the corrugated layer, and is configured to immobilize insects.

An alternative embodiment of an insect monitoring and trapping device is provided according to the invention. The device includes a base and a lid for covering the base, and is constructed to provide a trap interior and an insect opening for insects to access the trap interior. The device includes a heating device provided within the trap interior for attracting insects, and an adhesive surface provided within the trap for trapping insects.

**Also from actionpestcontrol -->

The properly trained and certified detection dog is recognized in court as a "scientific instrument" (US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals)


Action Pest Control is certified by the Florida Canine Academy


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