Monday, July 26, 2010

NYT blog scientifically challenged?

From a NYT blog by Matthew Wald:

Electric cars are designed so that when a driver hits the brake pedal, the electric motors switch functions and become generators, converting momentum back into current.

The piece is about a patent allowance to AFS Trinity for combining a capacitor with a traditional battery in the context of electric-powered vehicles.

Also from the blog: Engineers refer to these two qualities – the ability to store energy, and the ability to deliver it quickly, as energy and power.

Of tax breaks in the electric car business:

But the part of the tax code written to promote pure electric cars and plug-in hybrids favors extra batteries, the executive said, providing a $2,500 credit if the vehicle has at least five kilowatt-hours and another $417 for each additional kilowatt-hour. The maximum credit is $7,500, which works out to 16 kilowatt-hours. Perhaps not coincidentally, that is what the Chevy Volt, due out this fall, will carry.

β€œIt was written for the Volt,” contends Mr. Furia, who would like the law amended to reflect not just energy, which the batteries provide, but power, which his capacitors provide.


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