Thursday, July 15, 2010

KFC coupon incident: plausible claim for common law fraud

KFC and its owner Yum! Brands Inc. failed to get a dismissal of the fraud case against them related to the coupons, promoted by Oprah, for a free Kentucky Grilled Chicken meal, which included two pieces of chicken, two sides and a biscuit.

Judge James Holderman wrote: "Based on the allegations of the Master Complaint, the court finds it plausible that Defendants never intended to honor the coupon as represented."

The suit also notes the grilled chicken contains rendered beef fat and beef powder.
Could there be some false advertising here?


In passing, of the July 11 [7/11] "free slurpees" offer, some of the stores quickly ran out of the special 7oz cups, [but not out of slurpee].

From the consumerist:

When I left my car and walked up, I found a hand-lettered sign on the door to the store that said that there were no more free Slurpee cups. I went in and spoke to the clerk, when I asked what had happened he told me that "we only received a limited supply of cups and they ran out". When I asked if there was a coupon available for the free Slurpee when they received more cups in he told me no, and that they had been told to tell people "tough luck" by corporate when they ran out of their limited cup supply. But, he did invite me to come back next year when the promotion ran again, and he told me to check the second 7-11 store down the street. I drove to that 7-11 (on my way to the local grocery store) and found same result, no special cups, no free Slurpee.


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