Monday, July 26, 2010

BOROSON reviews Sokolow plagiarism

In a piece titled A memorable case of plagiarism has its roots in New Jersey , Warren Boronson discusses the Sokolow matter,
involving plagiarism by one Jayme Sokolow ( who received a B.A. from Trenton State College in 1968, now known as the College of New Jersey ) ultimately published by Fairleigh Dickinson University Press in Madison, New Jersey.

In another New Jersey related plagiarism case, Centenary College ( Hackettstown, NJ ) terminated an MBA program for Chinese students based on widespread plagiarism. See MBA Program Withdraws From China Due to "Widespread Plagiarism," Other Issues


Blogger James Long said...

I worte a paper on how something from Chaucer (the Nun's Tale?) (25 years ago) sounded a whole lot like a Chanson of Machaut and lo and behold, North Carolina Chaucer Studies came out with whole issue on it the next year. (They didn't plagerize me, it was "in the air") ((hey, I walked away with an A in Medieval Music))

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