Thursday, June 03, 2010

Plagiarism in Indianapolis

WISH-TV reports on a plagiarism scandal at Hamilton Southeastern High School involving students who were in ACP classes that were given in conjunction with Indiana University [IU].

The rub as to students that were planning to go to IU: "the course was dual credit and IU has a zero tolerance policy so they might not be able to go there,"

Even if the high school doesn't get them, IU will.

Some folks might remember that SIU copied its plagiarism definition from IU.


HSE admits mistake on plagiarism report

The mistake was NOT about Southeastern but about an erroneous report that students at Fishers were ALSO involved. The update noted

Those [HSHS] students spent Memorial Day weekend and part of this week completing an online course to earn the necessary English credits. All will graduate Saturday as planned, Smith said.

The interesting thing in this story is that the students knew turnitin was being used and copied anyway.


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