Friday, May 07, 2010

"M. Allison Hart": universal lawyer?

The "M. Allison Hart" character on NCIS, initially introduced as a patent lawyer, reappeared on May 4 in the "Obsessed" episode, as a temporary employee of NCIS representing a Mexican drug agency. This patent lawyer is universal in skills.

The Mexican drug agency and Hart's involvement therein were tangential to this episode, and served only to set up a later episode, which will likely bring back Colonel Bell. Would the US government appoint a lawyer to represent a foreign agency, and make that lawyer an employee of the US government? Not likely. Conflicts of interest?

In terms of the plot of "Obsessed," which rather clumsily self-relates to the movie Laura, Allison tells Gibbs she knows the character Tricia Hutton. Hutton and Hutton's brother are both killed in the fashion of the assassination of Bulgarian dissident Georgi Markov in 1978 with a pellet impregnated with ricin. In 1978, the authorities got a break because the pellet, which was supposed to dissolve, didn't, but in 2010, in NCIS, the pellet was metal, with bored out cavities, not exactly an improvement as to non-detection.

Hutton and Hutton's brother were looking into problems with outsourcing military services. However, they stumbled upon an ex-KGB operative running a bookstore in DC, who had a treasure trove, which turned out to be in the form of an original Gutenburg bible, hiding in plain sight. [Two copies of the Gutenberg Bible were taken from Leipzig by Soviet troops in World War II.]

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