Friday, May 07, 2010

Killer Klown, not from Outer Space

Previews of the Mentalist episode "18-5-4", which aired May 6, suggested a possible link to the classic movie Killer Klowns from Outer Space [which included Royal Dano], but the clown/outer space connection was not developed.

Noah, a math genius, is the victim in the episode, shot by a clown. He was making some money making predictions for a sports betting guy [character Mosca], but got side tracked with the offer of a two million prize for an encryption cracking device, made by the character Tolman Bunting to three people. One of the group of three is the character Oliver McDaniel , who went to grad school with Noah, but who currently is in a mental institution. [The episode is making a strong commentary on math graduate students; Oliver is addicted to canned spaghetti products and speaks of the quantum lords. Noah had no social skills and was terrified of clowns.]

The word "invent" comes up in the episode, with the math genius's wife [widow, Daphne] suggesting they were going to make money by Noah inventing things. In response to the offer of the prize, Noah did come up with a device to decipher any encrypted file — the universal hack -- but, one moral/ethical grounds, decided not to turn it over to Bunting, which bothered wife Daphne a lot.

The character Bunting mentions the word "lawyers" a lot in the episode, and in the end asserts ownership of the device, presumably based on his offer of the prize. Maybe that theory should be explored more fully by those who advocate prizes instead of patents. Not everybody who offers a prize has the interests of the public at heart.

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Episode trivia:

Series Star Owain Yeoman’s ["Rigsby's"] Wife, Lucy Davis (“The Office”), Guest Stars as Daphne, the wife of the math genius/victim Noah

**The trick of the key being for -- a locker whose coordinates are four over, two down -- evokes the trick in "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" as to the grave.


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