Friday, May 07, 2010

Inventor's regret

See the inventor's comments in an article by Josh Loposer in Paw Nation:

Despite millions of labradoodle owners across the planet who are convinced their pups are the greatest thing since sliced bread, the man credited with pioneering the breed has massive regrets about his involvement in the "oodle" craze.

"I don't regret the dog, not for the purpose I bred it for," Wally Conron tells Paw Nation, "I regret all the people who got on the bandwagon willy-nilly. People who are breeding poodle crosses for the money, who have no concern for parentage."

IPBiz notes that once your patent application is published, all sorts of people will use your idea for all sorts of things. During the lifetime of the issued patent, you have some control, but afterwards it's public domain. That's the whole point.|compaq-laptop|dl3|link1|


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