Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Walking with elephants

The re-vamped Trenton Train Station includes wall tiles depicting scenes from Trenton, past and present.

One of them depicts the elephants of Ringling Brothers, which used to walk right down Greenwood Avenue from a train siding in Hamilton to the arena in Trenton.

Of "walking with elephants", note a blog on blogspot of that name. Sadly, it's a bit confused, making favorable references to Bessen and Meurer:

Those who know me well know I am no fan of either software or business method patents. As covered thoroughly by Jim Bessen and Mike Meurer in their recent book, Patent Failure, the cost of software patents to industry players in the form of infringement litigation exceeds the income being derived from such patents. This is a nonsensical situation, and one of the chief culprits is patents that issue that shouldn't issue. That is what PeerToPatent is seeking to address.

Of the blogger's remark -- Thus, I became The Guy with the Shovel --, there's a lot of clean-up work needed after Bessen/Meurer and Quillen/Webster.

A whale [?] in the Delaware by the famous "Trenton Makes" Bridge.


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