Friday, March 12, 2010

Princeton's Pi Day on March 14, 2010

Note Princeton's upcoming Pi Day celebration on March 14 (3.14). From an email LBE received:

Einstein was born on March 14th...3.14...? Pi! The entire downtown of Princeton celebrates with pie judging contests, Pi recitation celebrations, Einstein Look A Like contests - the works! You'll have a great time!

The tree illustrated in the photograph above is located on Route 206 near the intersection with Lover's Lane (in Marquand Park) and was a victim of one of our February 2010 snowstorms (Feb. 10-11). note one of the events on Pi Day:

March 14, 2010

12:00 Noon EDT

Einstein's Alley
Sign Raising

Route 206
(Stockton St)
at Lovers Lane
in Princeton

**Other Pi Day events, from Princetonol:

On Sunday, March 14th, the festivities start at 1:00pm at the Princeton Public Library with a pie
judging contest and Pi recitation challenge. Lillipies, a local specialty bakery, will be providing the
Einstein-Look-Alike Prize – a 3 dimensional cake in the shape of Albert!

At 1:59pm (the next three numbers in Pi) the Princeton Public Library Community Room will open
with interactive lab experiments hosted by the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab. Guests will engage with
some of the nation’s top scientists in family-fun science projects, such as blowing up marshmallows and
getting an electricity-inspired Einstein hairstyle. All activities are designed to activate (or celebrate)
everyone’s hidden “geek freak”!

At 3:14pm Palmer Square Green will host the town Birthday Party & Pie Throwing Event– After a
robust “Happy Birthday” is sung, the first pie will fly! (Each throw $1 – donated to Princeton Public
Library)Given the academic celebrities who reside in Princeton, one can only imagine the types of
“targets” planned for the event!

Throughout the day, Princeton Tour Company will be offering a $3.14 “tour” of Einstein’s life with re-
enactors hidden throughout various locations of downtown. (100% is donated to Princeton Public
Library). On the tour, guests will be directed to some of Princeton’s most unique locations and meet re-
enactors of Einstein’s mother, his girlfriends and wives, jealous professors, quirky best friends and more.
Mimi Omiecinski, Princeton Tour Company owner says “We include the best stories from residents who
actually knew Einstein and were eager to share them with as many people as possible.”

All visitors, families, students alike will find the entire town in on the celebration! Below is a partial
list of local merchants who will help make this event special for all:

McCaffrey’s has planned an entire day of fun for its customers …. The Einstein-themed movie “IQ”,
which was filmed in Princeton, will be playing in the store while workers compete in an Einstein Look-A-
Like Contest and Einstein’s favorite tunes are played in the background. McCaffrey’s will also offer ”Pi
Pricing” in EVERY Department! At 3:14pm, the store will provide birthday cake to its in store customers
AND the guests at the Palmer Square Green birthday party and pie throwing event.

**Separately, note the murder in Princeton on Feb. 11 of James Dunlavy.


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