Saturday, April 11, 2009

Homewood, reprised

In the continuing saga of visits to the Homewood Suites in Baltimore, this author returned to the scene of past bad service.

The most interesting thing this time was not the room, but the breakfast. There was an absence of silverware, most pointedly of spoons, which might be necessary for eating cereal with milk. After asking several times, this author finally got a spoon to eat his Special K, but made the mistake of getting up for cranberry juice, to return to a spoon-less table [yes, it is a tough crowd at the Homewood, reminding one of the Emerson aphorism: "the louder he spoke of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons".] After further requests, this author finally got plastic, in time to try some cold "Cream of Wheat." [Grits, bagels, donuts were all things of the past.]

Of the room itself, the good news was that the "wind tunnel" was gone. This is because there was no ventilation at all. The television did not go on, because a circuit breaker had tripped.

The breakfast experience at Homewood:

Telepathy was need to infer the presence of cranberry juice, to the right, for those who passed on passion-orange-guava (left)-->

The victory of getting a set of plastic-ware to eat food at the Homewood Suites-->

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