Saturday, September 06, 2008

The "next step" after innovation?

After the innovation has occurred, the next steps can be clunky.

One commenter on iTunes:

I held off and held off but finally installed the new version of iTunes (v7.7.1) - the invasiveness of this application (for those readers living in the southern US, I liken it to kudzu) is starting to make me think twice about another iPod…and I love my iPod...our family loves their iPods (we have four in a family of six), but I’m growing weary of iTunes.

It started a version or two ago, but reared its head this update. I run WinPatrol to alert me to any new services or auto-runs in Windows. It took me nearly 20 minutes (and a reboot) to rid myself of unwanted Apple are the reasons I'm ignoring the next Apple iTunes update:

Safari - this one really, REALLY set me off. Why? Because during the install I explicitly UNselected the box next to Safari. But there it is, happily sitting with an entry in Add/Remove programs and a desktop icon. Apple, Firefox remains my browser of choice even if you force your browser on me.


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