Thursday, September 11, 2008

A must to avoid when in Baltimore

An observant patent lawyer, on reading the third paragraph, would note that the offer extended is feel free to ask, with no correlated promise that anything will be done. That cynical inference, in this case, is correct. One can "ask away" at the Homewood Suites, but don't have any expectations of corrective action.

In this brief post, a few of the things that went wrong with one room (on September 11) are mentioned.

One wonders if it is too much to ask for a toilet seat that's fastened down? At Homewood Suites, it is -->

You may have heard a background noise, as the toilet seat was moved. Indeed, from afar, the toilet sounded like it was running, but, no, the original wind tunnel of the Wright Brothers had been resurrected on the bathroom ceiling (the digital camera does not capture the true effect; it's worse than what you hear on this clip!)-->

Pinpointing the noise was difficult because the condenser of the refrigerator was on almost all the time, and the air conditioning unit sounded like a World War II cargo plane.

Contemplate the refrigerator-->

[Space saved for view in the daylight]


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