Saturday, September 13, 2008

Forbes on Bayh-Dole Act

Forbes has an article titled Universities That Turn Research Into Revenue

Some text from the article: You might expect a school named after Colonel John Stevens III, the founder of the United States' Patent and Trademark Office, to spin ideas into gold. Indeed, Stevens aims to go so far as to trademark its very education process--called "Technogenesis"--in which students and professors work through research and commercialization issues concurrently, rather than concentrating on discoveries and letting someone else worry about how to make money from them. School president Harold J. Raveché thinks Stevens can generate a startling $50 million in licensing revenue next year.

Slide show on top 15 in turns of rate of return. NYU is number 1; Stevens (of New Jersey) is number 3, University of Rochester is number 6 and Stanford is number 9.


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