Sunday, September 14, 2008

Blame game in LA Metrolink train crash?

Metrolink seemed anxious to place blame on the engineer in the deadly train collision in the San Fernando Valley.

**UPDATE, from LATimesblogs-->

The NTSB says that they've ruled out mechanical, track and train problems in Friday's crash between a Metrolink commuter train and Union Pacific freight train. It also appears trackside signals were working, but the brakes on the Metrolink train were never applied. Meanwhile, Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer introduce legislation to force the nation's railroads to install technology to stop trains that run red lights in high-risk areas by 2012 and all areas by 2014. The NTSB also said it is looking into media reports that Sanchez was driving a train earlier this month that struck a man in Northridge -- an incident that police have ruled a suicide.

We also have a story that takes a deeper look at Sanchez, a private man who had suffered setbacks in recent years, including the suicide of his partner. One friend indicates he may have been diabetic. A third story discusses the $200-million cap on liability that Congress imposed on individual railroads for their accidents and says that the damages from Friday's crash could top that mark if the cap is challenged or found not to apply to commuter railroads.


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