Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Will "VP candidate Biden" walk the plank on plagiarism?

IPBiz notes the following text concerning the possible impact of Biden's plagiarism on his possible role as VP candidate:

On the other hand, while it might be a minor political liability, I think the old "plagiarism" charges are of little substantive significance -- the idea of "plagiarism" in a context where nobody expects you to write your own words in the first place is nonsensical.

The author of the text Scott Lemieux hasn't got his arms around the totality of Biden's plagiarism problems, which date back to law school. As such his comment [WHAT IF BIDEN IS VP?] is nonsensical and based on incomplete information. Of course, the text --nobody expects you to write your own words-- fits right in with Obama's patent policies, which have been borrowed from the writings of other law professors.

And, about contexts, Lemieux ought to talk to Allison Routman of Ohio University, who was forced to "walk the plank" for "plagiarism" more minor than what Biden did.

On Biden, see

More on the plagiarism of Joe Biden

On Routman, see

***On other issues with Biden, see hotair:

Well, if we measured political IQ, Biden might barely show up on the scale. As Dionne notes later in the article, Biden got one degree from college, a double major. He didn’t get a full scholarship to law school; he got a partial scholarship and received grants to cover the rest. He didn’t graduate in the top half of his class, as he asserted to “Frank”, whose IQ score has been lost in the mists of time. In fact, Biden came in 76th in a class of 85, which isn’t even close.

Obviously, math wasn’t one of his double majors.

What was Biden’s excuse at the time? “I exaggerate when I’m angry.”


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