Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Not everybody likes iPhones

A post by Nick Farrell begins: "Apple fanboys will be relieved that the incredible shrinking profit Messiah Steve Jobs can remotely control their expensive Iphone and turn off any software he does not think they should have."

Farrell further states: "Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Saint Steve said Apple needs a kill switch in case it inadvertently allows a malicious program to be distributed to Iphones through the App Store."

Separately, on what to do with an old iPhone, see
technewsworld which includes:

So a dedicated iPod touch for media and music playing has some big-time appeal. Currently, it's not that hard to set up your iPhone as a iPod touch-like device. Your computer will still recognize it as an iPhone, and iTunes still works with it. For instance, I easily installed the 2.0.1 software update to my old iPhone. If you put the iPhone in airplane mode, turn on the WiFi, and sync with iTunes, you're good to go.

Note 12 iPhone Tricks You Might Not Have Known


from Newsweek:

In 2007 Jobs delayed the launch of the iPhone 3G because it was such a "power hog." When it finally arrived this summer, it was slimmer and faster than its predecessor. Still, talk time is three hours shorter because cruising the Web sucks so much juice. Customers are complaining. "I keep it plugged in all day at work, but I get home, send out a couple texts, use the Internet, take some pictures and it's dead," says Cincinnati office manager Sara Beiting. "I love having so much at my fingertips, but they've got to work on that battery." (An Apple spokeswoman says its battery life is competitive with that of similar devices and that consumer reaction to the phone has been overwhelmingly positive.)


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