Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"NBC Nightly News" showcases a foreclosure on 16 July 08

NBC Nightly News on 16 July 2008 took viewers through a foreclosure of a home adjacent to the Manassas (Bull Run) Civil War battlefield in Virginia. The former owner, face pixilated, placed the blame on himself, in an otherwise non-contentious eviction by the sheriff.

Flash back to "Roger and me," for the even more depressing Christmas time eviction from a Michigan home, wherein the Christmas tree and presents were placed curbside. {One can never forget the rabbits of "Roger and me."]

"Roger and me" was for effect. However, "NBC Nightly News" is getting sufficiently depressing that it should carry a warning on the front end.

The "Nightly News" also had a story on the success of the Atkins diet, based on an article published in NEJM. NBC made abundantly clear that the study was funded in part by the Atkins folks. There was an absolutely cryptic statement by the NBC correspondent about a comment from the researcher about the conflict issue with the funding source. It was to the effect that the researcher might get away with lying to the NBC guy, but the researcher's career would be in big trouble if he lied to Harvard or NEJM.

For those who remember the Darsee fraud, note that Darsee is alive and practicing medicine. Hwang Woo Suk is cloning dogs in South Korea, working for a US company. IPBiz would not be surprised to hear that Jan Hendrik Schon was in the science game somewhere; his ideas are still around. And, in the plagiarism game, Laurence Tribe is doing well at Harvard, as is Glenn Poshard at SIU. Big trouble? You have got to be kidding.

***UPDATE. 17 July -->

Nightly News did a piece on people losing their health insurance on July 17. Even had a fellow from Lucent.


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