Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Prometric gets USPTO contract regarding patent bar exam

MarketWatch reports:

On July 15, Prometric "announced it has been awarded a $2.75 million contract by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to provide computer-based delivery services and statistical analysis for the registration examination taken by USPTO Patent Attorney and Patent Agent applicants.
After a competitive bid process, Prometric was selected for its ability to ensure that the USPTO registration examination will continue to be sound, legally defensible and an accurate measure of legal qualification of applicants."

The post also stated:

For the awarded contact, Prometric will provide:

-- Exam Delivery Services: computer based testing administration, including scheduling, systems management and results processing

-- Access to Prometric U.S. test center network: USPTO Patent Attorney and Patent Agent applicants have access to Prometric's vast network of test centers where they can take the computer-based examination

-- Strategic Consulting Services: Prometric will provide statistical analysis of item performance on the registration exam
"Because the USPTO's registration examination determines whether candidates seeking to become Patent Attorneys or Patent Agents have the necessary knowledge of patent law, practice and procedure, the integrity and accuracy of the testing process is paramount," said Ray Kelly, Senior Vice President, Sales and Client Services at Prometric. "Our extensive experience and understanding of the specific testing requirements of Federal agencies - for secure test delivery or results processing in particular - consistently sets Prometric apart and ensures that we can work in cooperative partnership with government clients by bringing rigor and standards of excellence to the table in the registration exam process."

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