Sunday, June 22, 2008

On generating a privacy summary: 20080046976

The first claim of published US application 20080046976:

A method for dynamically generating a privacy summary comprising:

generating a profile for a user;

receiving one or more privacy setting selections from the user associated with the profile;

updating the profile associated with the user to incorporate the one or more privacy setting selections; and

generating a privacy summary for the profile based on the one or more privacy setting selections.

The inventor is Mark Zuckerberg and the assignee is Facebook, Inc.

Paragraph 6 says:

There are existing mechanisms that allow the user to display information about the user or to not display their information. Some mechanisms may allow the user to select settings that display only certain information to the users. Typically, however, these mechanisms are all or nothing. In other words, the user can choose to display pieces of the information or not. Further, often the user is unaware of what the settings selected represent with respect to the information that will, or will not, be displayed about the user.


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