Sunday, April 13, 2008

Dussold, SIU settle

SIUE text: "This decision should not be viewed as a vindication of either the claims alleged by Mr. Dussold or the defenses asserted by SIUE in this action. This issue is now behind us to allow all parties to move forward in their individual pursuits and careers."

Yes, the article by Kavita Kumar mentions "inadvertent plagiarism":

An anonymous source who claimed ties to this group also leaked to the Carbondale student newspaper allegations that Poshard had plagiarized parts of his doctoral dissertation at SIUC, sparking a controversy in which some faculty members called for Poshard to resign. A review committee later determined that Poshard had committed "inadvertent plagiarism," but he kept his job.

One should examine page 54 of Poshard's thesis, as it was filed.


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