Monday, April 14, 2008

Lesley Stahl duped on "60 Minutes" on 13 April 2008

In a videoclip, Lesley Stahl watches like a child as John Kanzius injects a hot dog with "metallic" copper sulfate. Maybe it was the thermocouple in the hot dog. Funny how Kanzius didn't have a thermocouple to measure the "cold" side of the hot dog.

Perhaps Stahl is establishing her credentials to replace Katie Couric?

"60 Minutes" gets an A for dull-witted stupidity.

See also: [Kanzius has filed patents on the saltwater utilization as a possible alternative fuel.]

One IPBiz commenter wrote of the IPBiz post, and CBS videoclip-->

A) they openly say "radio waves heat metal" I agree
B) They inject copper sulfate (NOT A METAL, but a salt solution,
MAY heat up a tad).
C) They then stick in a thermocouple (two METAL wires) into the area
with copper sulfate...hit it with radiowaves, and Voila, heat! (ie,
they heated up the thermocouple!!! Not the copper sulfate.)

D) He then takes the thermocouple, and sticks it into another part of

hot dog (cold), and sure enough, the temperature drops!!!

The real test was to heat the copper sulfate region in radiowaves, AND
THEN INSERT THE THERMOCOUPLE to see if the temperature went up. But
he put the thermocouple in the hot dog in the first place!

I'm not quite sure how he is hornswaggling the medical researcher....


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