Monday, March 03, 2008

PatentHawk flames Schwartz paper

In a post titled Practice Makes Perfect?, PatentHawk analyzes some work of Professor David L. Schwartz, of John Marshall.

IPBiz found that last line in the PatentHawk post of interest:

Schwartz was so hasty to publish that he slopped a draft out with the pathetic plea: "Please do not distribute or quote without permission of the author," then touted his results in Patently-O in multiple installments.

Back in the days of fax machines and papers on 1-2-3 superconductors, the story was that a certain paper was faxed around so much that the only readable words on the resultant copy were "Confidential. Please do not send to others."

Also on Schwartz, registered patent attorney 42,133:

On a different matter, there was commentary on the 271 blog about the cost of software litigation [$11.4 billion], with one commenter

Bessen and Meurer use a much more inclusive measure of the costs due to softpatent litigation, and find a "mean cost of $28.7 million", in 1992 dollars, equals $43 million in 2008 dollars. They are clear that they are looking at suits filed. The median is $2.9 million (1992 dollars), which verifies your point that most suits are relatively cheap, but a couple are blockbusters. [Bessen and Meurer: The Private Costs of Patent Litigation; download and critique at:]


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