Sunday, March 30, 2008

Labels (trademarks) on CBS

CBS Sunday Morning on 30 March 08 led off with a piece on "labels," which included trademark issues, without ever mentioning the word "trademark." The piece remarked that the color red was "owned" by two companies, Coca-Cola and Campbell's.
There was background on the FDA, including the statutes of 1906, 1966 (Fair Packaging and Labeling Act), and 1994 (nutritional labeling). The piece included the concepts of healthy, natural and organic. It delved into the flap over Aunt Jemima's pancakes with artificial blueberries. Michael Pollan got several plugs.

Potato chips came up, with text showing that "natural" potato chips were basically the same as "regular" potato chips, although the "naturals" cost more.


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