Thursday, January 31, 2008

Science reports on issues with rock art at Nine Mile Canyon in Utah

The Jan. 25, 08 issue of Science has an article titled "Dust Storm Rising Over Threat to Famed Rock Art in Utah", concerning Nine Mile Canyon, which includes a quote from chemist Marvin Rowe:

"Think of a painting in your house that is placed over a fireplace that produces soot. Over time, that soot gets incorporated into the mineral content of the painting, and it builds a thick enough coating where it makes the painting fade away."

IPBiz is not sure to what extent "soot" gets incorporated into a mineral content ("reverse intercalation"?) but it was an evocative analogy.

On page 418 of the 25 Jan. issue, one had "The Rise and Fall of a Great Idea," and at page 396 "Max Planck Accused of Hobbling Universities," which in turn refers to an article titled "The Unsolved Max Planck Problem." Interestingly, Science begins the Planck discussion mentioning a report from Shang-hai Jiao Tong University in China on university rankings.

Page 397 mentions Judge Cooper's decision on the use by the Navy of MFA sonar.


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