Friday, October 12, 2007

Patent reform a farce?

Mike at TechDirt is at it again in a post titled: Patent Reform Battle Descending Into Farce.

Mike quickly gets into sophistry by instantly transmogrifying the text to promote the progress of science and the useful arts into to promote innovation.
Note the IPBiz post Invention vs. Innovation . Mike compounds his error in thinking with the text: very limited monopoly rights solely for the purpose of promoting innovation -- and were only to be handed out in the rarest of circumstances, when it was necessary to promote innovation. Patents are not monopoly rights, and they are about disclosure of inventions, not about promoting innovation.

Mike gets into the canard about the Wright Brothers: It's absolutely laughable that the ad includes the airplane industry, when the Wright Brothers' patents almost destroyed the US airplane industry by holding back innovation and keeping other more innovative firms out of the market. It took the pressure of World War I and the US gov't to finally get around the stranglehold on airplane innovation. The patent pool created by Benton Crisp (the lawyer of Glenn Curtiss) had a huge buy-in fee that killed off small inventors/innovators. The beneficiariaries of the patent pool were (surprise) Glenn Curtiss and the the holders of the interest in the Wright Brothers patent (Wilbur was dead and Orville had sold out by the time of the patent pool). Mike's lack of knowledge of the patent pool is laughable. As for innovation, Curtiss took his money and went into the Florida real estate business.

Mike was likely doing a self-analysis in writing: Various folks throw out complete nonsense without being able to back it up


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