Sunday, September 09, 2007

Patent trolls to be scalped?

In an article titled: MOHAWK MANEATERS TO SEE OFF PATENT TROLLS?, one has the following text:

"It should be very interesting, then, to see what kind of mince-meat they make out of the Patent Trolls over at 1st Technology who are trying to bleed $50 million out of them…all because of some lame patent that 1st Technology claims to have over their Bodog domains.

"That's right…you heard me…their Bodog domains. Dr. Scott W. Lewis is the man behind 1st Technology and I'll bet any money he's wishing he was going head to head with me… rather than a Mohawk whose ancestors scalped 56 Americans during the Battle of Beaver Dams.

"Hey, I'm just saying."

Ayre goes on to publish the definition of "patent troll" as:

"Patent Troll (noun):

"1. A person or company that enforces its patents against one or more alleged infringers in a manner considered unduly aggressive or opportunistic.

"2. The troll takes (what it knows to be) a badly flawed, wholly illogical argument, and then vigorously defends it while mocking and insulting its prey. The troll looks like a complete fool, but this is all part of the plan. The victim becomes noticeably angry by trying to repeatedly explain the flaws of the troll's argument. Provoking this anger was the troll's one and only goal from the very beginning."

He ends the entry with a promise to provide "juicy" information and reports as the case progresses, suggesting that the Bodog dispute with 1st Technologies will henceforth be fought by the Mohawks and not Ayre and his company.

In a risky move, the blog then displays photographs of what appear to be "trolls" or malformed unfortunates, captioned "The North American Patent Troll: Also known as a bottom feeder. You can usually find this creature sucking the bone marrow out of young children.

Wikipedia has an account of the Battle of Beaver Dams, which includes

The main contingent of Indians were 300 Kahnawake, also referred to as Caughnawaga in contemporary accounts (...) The Indians admitted to 5 chiefs and warriors killed, and 20 wounded. The Americans suffered 56 casualties. It was later claimed that some of the wounded were killed and scalped by vengeful Mohawks.

As a separate piece of trivia, the first Congressional investigation ever conducted pertained to a battle in which Americans (led by the first U.S. President (under the Articles of Confederation)) were decisively beaten by Indians, sustaining more deaths (623) than inflicted upon Custer at Little Big Horn. Does anyone remember the battle and why the American commander (unlike Custer) was spared by the Indians? The Indian commander would later receive from Colonel Thaddeus Kosciusko a matching pair of pistols along with instructions to use them on "the first man who ever comes to subjugate you."


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Patent Trolls are the Patriots of the war for Intellectual Property equality!! IP rights have been trampled and diminished by socialist extremests, just like most of our other rights.

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