Sunday, August 12, 2007

More on FTCR and the Thomson/WARF stem cell patents

An IPBiz reader made comments related to the post Words in AP article suggest that credibility of FTCR's Simpson is sinking. The punchline was:

So, I end up giving credit to the person who reduces it practice!!

The text included:

Second, during the high Tc oxide superconductors, Chu at Houston said "let me replace some of the La of La2CuO4 (Tc circa 40 K) with Ba. It is known that putting pressure raises Tc." So he added Ba, but did not get the La2CuO4 layered structure. He got a much more complex layered structure (inadvertently), which was the 123 compound with Tc circa 90 K.

I proposed adding Tl to the 123 structure. I failed. Someone 3-6 months later made such, by heating the mix some 50 C hotter than I had done. Gee, how close I had come?? But do you hear me crying in my milk, and trying to invalidate his work, because I "thought" of it first?

So, what was "obvious"??? Standard obvious thinking did not lead to standard obvious chem structure, but to an entirely new beast, with a better Tc.

Third, circa 1960-62, many people were saying "one should be able to make compounds of Xe". We all know who was it "obvious"? I think Neil Bartlett's story that he realized PtF6 could oxidize Xe, while preparing a Gen Chem lecture, shows non-obviousness....but anybody could have done a Born Haber cycle calculation. (And I suppose those who thought compounds of Xe were makable, had done such BH cycle calculations.)

Previous IPBiz posts:


In terms of Ching-Wu Chu (University of Houston) note US Patent No. 6,239,080, titled Ba-Ca-Cu-O compositions superconducting at up to 126K and methods for making same, which does NOT cite the initial IBM work, but does cite Duan et al "Superconducting Thallium barium calcium copper oxide . . . " AIP Conf. Proc. (1992) 251, pp 153-61.

The initial IBM work (which produced a Nobel Prize) is reported elsewhere, for example in US 7,112,556: Bednorz et al., "Possible High Tc Superconductivity in the Baa-La-Cu-O System", pp. 189-193, 1986, Condensed Matter, 64. cited by other .
Extended Abstracts of Annual Scholar Meeting (The Spring Meeting, 1989) 2A-E-7/pp. 101.


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