Saturday, July 07, 2007

"Whining Judges"?

At page 16 of the June 26 "Trentonian" is an op-ed by Paul F. Campos entitled "Whining Judges Want a Pay Raise."

Within, one has the line: As for "senior law professors at top schools," you could cut the compensation packages of such persons by 50%, and, after the initial shock had worked its way through the system, I would venture to guess there would not detectable loss of quality in the work force.

IPBiz notes that when an intellectual property professor at Stanford Law School asserts in the Stanford Law Review that Gary Boone invented the integrated circuit, it's past time for a 50% cut. Campos also made a remark about "a Yale law professor." When "a Yale law professor" mindlessly follows what's in Innovation and Its Discontents, it's another sign of needed change within the academic IP community. Thinking, not parroting, ought to be the order of the day.


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