Monday, July 09, 2007

Ericsson, Samsung do deal

Ericcson disclosed on July 9 that it had signed a worldwide royalty bearing agreement with Samsung, in which Ericsson has granted Samsung a non-exclusive license under Ericsson's patent portfolio for the 2G and 3G mobile telephony standards, to develop, manufacture and sell 2G and 3G subscriber and infrastructure equipment.
In return, Samsung provides a royalty payment and a reciprocal license under Samsung's valuable patent portfolio to Ericsson. Patent litigation stops. [from MarketWatch]

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Separately, 3M and did a deal on lithium ion battery technology.

Separately, AP reported shares in biotechnology company Ciphergen Biosystems Inc. fell July 6 after it agreed to pay $600,000 to Health Discovery Corp. (a biomarker discovery company) to settle a patent infringement case.


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