Sunday, June 24, 2007

Cha/Kim matter and Capella U./Arnsten-Kirk

As a side comment on the Cha/Kim business, and assertions by Cha therein, IPBiz notes some similarity to the Arntzen/Kirk business of which the Chronicle of Higher Education had written:

The aura of mutual admiration began to fade in July 2003. That's when Mr. Kirk discovered that Mr. Arntzen had copied large portions of his paper without his permission. About one-third of Mr. Arntzen's article -- which was published as a chapter in the 2004 book Vaccines: Preventing Disease and Protecting Health -- was taken directly from Mr. Kirk's paper, which was published two years before in the book Genetically Modified Foods. The graduate student's paper was not cited, but Mr. Arntzen did mention Mr. Kirk among the dozen people he thanked in the acknowledgements.

Although the Chronicle connected Arntzen/Kirk to the Capella University business, it did not note the similarity of those two to the Cha/Kim business. That's somewhat unfortunate because, like the Capella University business, there's a patent involved in the Cha/Kim business which is of potentially greater significance than that of the Cappella University business.

[IPBiz had previously discussed Arnsten-Kirk.]


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