Friday, March 23, 2007

Cancer: a chronic disease that can be managed?

Dr. Nancy Snyderman presented a report entitled "Cancer is no longer a death sentence" on NBC Nightly News on March 23, 2007.

Leading off with the Elizabeth Edwards story, Snyderman quickly got to the punchline that many cancers can be managed: some doctors are saying cure isn't always the end game, and instead, are increasingly considering cancer as a chronic disease that can be managed — like diabetes, heart disease, even HIV.

A cancer patient was quoted: "Doctors don't have the right to rob a patient of hope." Additionally, "I would say that all cancer patients need to hold on to life," says Stutman. "Even if I had been given only a 1 percent chance of living, I would run with it." In this particular case, she was talking about Gleevac [Gleevec].

IPBiz recalls words of Nobel laureate Rick Smalley:

Let me give you just one, personal, example: cancer. I sit before you today with very little hair on my head. It fell out a few weeks ago as a result of the chemotherapy I've been undergoing to treat a type of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma -- the same sort that recently killed King Hussein of Jordan. While I am very optimistic, this chemotherapy is a very blunt tool. It consists of small molecules which are toxic -- they kill cells in my body. Although they are meant to kill only the cancer cells, they kill hair cells too, and cause all sorts of other havoc.

IPBiz notes that Nobel laureate Jack Kilby (one of the inventors of the integrated circuit, counter to Mark Lemley's view) died from lymphoma.


Blogger my2centsworth said...

Has Dr. Nancy Snyderman given up the personal ethics of Medicine in favor of profits and financial greed on the part of the network she represents?

Recent events may lead to that exact conclusion. Snyderman, Medical Editor in Chief for NBC is now appearing in numerous roles on NBC Nightly News, and the NBC Today Show, as representative of Merck & Co.,Inc., the large pharmaceutical company. Dr. Snyderman is being paid by NBC, in an attempt to legitimize and advertise drugs manufactured and distributed exclusively by Merck under guise of news or important medical information.

On three separate shows produced and aired by NBC, Dr. Nancy Snyderman has suggested that she supports the legislative mandates of states like Texas, to require vaccination against HPV. Obviously to the great financial gain of Merck, and NBC as the recipient of advertising dollars. Fortunately the Texas State Legislature has now blocked the governors order, in favor of Education, over Legislation!

Several days ago, she again supported the new Chicken Pox vaccine which is manufactured and exclusively sold by Merck. Snyderman then admitted that the vaccine actually gives no assurances against getting the Chicken Pox. This was done in a pseudo / tabloid like interview on the NBC Today Show relative to a story about Chicken Pox parties being hosted throughout the country.

As recently as March 23, 2007, Dr. Snyderman again suggests that drugs like Fosamax are appropriate in the treatment of Elizabeth Edwards cancer. All without the benefit of any examination, or consultation with her doctors. '''Fosamax''' is manufactured and sold by who else; Merck!

So, has Dr. Snyderman discredited herself? Is Snyderman guilty of Mouthpiece Malpractice ? Many seem to think so, and as such, deserves no legitimate recognition as someone we should trust to provide us with unbiased advise! Her advise now appears to be tied to the fortunes of Merck, and NBC. This is truly a tragedy in story of corporate greed in America, as we sacrifice our trusted advisors on the Alter of Profit!

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