Friday, March 23, 2007

Brian Josephson on Eugenie Reich and bubble fusion

In March 2006, IPBiz talked about the negative report by Eugenie Reich on Rusi Taleyarkhan and bubble fusion, and back in November 2004, IPBiz talked about [Nobel laureate] Brian Josephson's take on scientific mafias and the like. In the meantime, Purdue cleared Taleyarkhan of any wrongdoing, and Josephson had a wicked comment on Nature and Reich on Taleyarkhan: Correspondence with Editor of Nature concerning its article "concerns grow over secrecy of bubble-fusion inquiry"

A certain newspaper reporter who tells me how quickly newspapers and journals correct mistakes should take note of what Josephson writes.

On a much smaller note, recall LBE's experience with the journal Science, wherein the journal (in a "news" report by Eli Kintisch) made obvious mistakes about patent continuations, but refused to correct them, "standing by the truth of their story." The error of the July 28 article in Science by Kinstisch was discussed in 88 JPTOS 743. A previous article in JPTOS discussed some aspects of Science's publishing of the fraudulent work by Hwang Woo Suk (88 JPTOS 239).

As Josephson said: In view of this issue being of significant interest to the scientific community, which considers Nature [Science] to be a reliable source of information ... [IPBiz: hmmm, maybe not.]


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