Tuesday, February 20, 2007

More on the WARF/Thomson patents

The re-examination numbers of the Thomson patents are:


In the '102 re-exam, attorney Kathyrn Doyle of Drinker, Biddle (Philadelphia, PA) mailed a letter on November 15, 2006 waiving the opportunity to file an owner's statement under Rule 1.530. The file was forwarded to the examiner on January 10, 2007. [The initial re-exam request was received on July 17, 2006.]

The parent application is 08/376,327, filed January 20, 1995. US 5,843,780 is based on a cip of the '327 application.

IPBiz discussed the obviousness arguments in the re-exam request of the '780 patent in the post: On the obviousness challenge to WARF's '780 by PubPat.


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