Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Judge Seidlin in Anna Nicole Smith case

FoxNews reported on Feb. 20:

Citing unidentified sources, celebrity gossip Web site TMZ.com published a report Tuesday — while the proceedings over who should get Smith's body and where she should be buried were under way — that Broward County Circuit Court Judge Larry Seidlin is angling for his own television program.

The Fox report noted that Judge Seidlin was --even making broad, bold declarations like "I am the trier of fact" and "We are here on a search for the truth, and we will continue."--

Fox News reported on Feb. 16:

[Larry] Seidlin, 56, grew up in the Pelham Parkway section of the Bronx. In 1972, he graduated from Hunter College. He spent two years at St. John's University Law School, then moved to Florida in 1974. He got his law degree from the University of Miami.

The Guardian wrote on Feb. 17:

Larry Seidlin has sat in the crowded circuit court all week, encircled by the warring parties. He used to be a New York taxi driver, and it has shown in the many interjections he has made at crucial points in the proceedings. When the question of paternity arose, the parties squabbled over whether Smith's body should be released or held for further DNA tests. Judge Seidlin's response? "The body belongs to me now," and "that baby is in a cold, cold storage room". Later, after a post-hearing massage, the judge conceded to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel that he might have used more measured language. "I should have just said 'the body is under the jurisdiction of the court now'," he said. Yesterday was the third day in a row he heard legal argument over the fate of the body, the burial, the DNA tests and paternity suits. Amid it all, Judge Seidlin has kept his eye on the bigger picture, even adopting a Middle East peace metaphor to describe the issue over the burial. "I want you to give me a road map of where I go here," he said yesterday.

**AP on Judge Seidlin:

Roy Black, said of the circus-like scene in Seidlin's courtroom: "I sort of think it gives circuses a bad name." AND FURTHER-->

"I thought he was one of the most entertaining things I had ever seen. He could be a TV judge. He could be a stand-up comic. However, I think he makes a horrible judge," Black said. "He doesn't follow any of the rules or procedures."


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