Thursday, November 09, 2006

Yale Daily News against Turnitin?

Reacting to Harvard's limited adoption of Turnitin, the Yale Daily News presented some arguments AGAINST the plagiarism detection software:

Yale College Dean Peter Salovey said he does not support implementing a program like Turnitin at Yale because it fosters an environment of mistrust.

"If one creates a culture expecting the worst of students and underscores this attitude with a climate of vigilance, then students will act in ways to confirm these expectations by inventing clever ways of acting dishonorably and avoiding detection," he said. "This is not a race to the bottom that I want to encourage." [IPBiz: so students will be honest without Turnitin, but will become clever cheaters with Turnitin?]


Lawrence Manley: "I wouldn't scan every paper to come to me because to put students under suspicion automatically is not justified. I'd rather check only papers I have doubts about." [IPBiz: certainly, the old Princeton plagiarism case would be caught, but Tribe and Wender were not caught by their peers at the time of plagiarism.]

Manley the program might also convey an even stronger message to students that they need to be responsible about citing sources.


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