Thursday, November 09, 2006

ISU on plagiarism, breach of academic integrity

The ISU Daily Vidette had the following text:

The ISU undergraduate catalogue defines plagiarism as "the unacknowledged appropriation of another's work, words and ideas in any themes, outlines, papers, reports or computer programs." [IPBiz: SIU's Wendler asserted one cannot plagiarize onself.]

Also, turning in the same work for more than one course is regarded as a "breach of academic integrity." [IPBiz: SIU's Wendler might have difficulty with this one.]

On Nov. 10, the homepage for the Vidette had the following:

Enjoy that shrimp cocktail while you can because a report published last week claims that the world will run out of seafood by the year 2050. The report, published in Journal Science, claims that things such as overfishing and pollution are destroying species and impairing the ocean's ability to produce seafood.

IPBiz asks: which is worse, plagiarism or stupidity?


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