Thursday, November 09, 2006

An issue with David Baltimore and CIRM

The californiastemcellreport noted statements by John Simpson of FTCR:

"More troublesome was the motivation for the removal. The action came on a motion from David Baltimore. Unfortunately the transcript of the meeting was not expected to be available before the end of the period for public comment.

"However, my notes show that Baltimore expressed concern that the requirement to co-ordinate with CIRM's Communications Officer would place a burden on universities. Rather than acting in the interests of all Californians, he was clearly acting in what he perceived to be the interest of the institution he represents. This sort of behavior does not bode well if one expects ICOC members to live up to the committee's name, 'independent' and truly act in the interests of all Californians rather than the institutions they represent."

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on californiastemcellreport, 20 June 06:

Of the remark about David Baltimore, note that Jean-Lou Chemeau has been named the new president of Caltech and will take office on or before 1 September 2006.

Baltimore has certain patents in the stem cell area.

Lawrence B. Ebert


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